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    Expectations of others, a path we’ve been on for so long we’ve forgotten how to dream, a lack of self-belief, a feeling we simply do not have enough time…Whatever the underlying reason, so many women find themselves stuck in their professional lives.

    And more often than not, we convince ourselves that we have no choice but to remain stuck.

    I’m here to tell you that you DO have options and that discovering those options starts with discovering who you are and what you truly want. Only then can you intentionally navigate towards fulfilment.

    From individual coaching packages to my soon-to-launched signature program The Awakening of the Intentional Woman, I have a range of coaching options to meet your needs.

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  • DEI Consulting and Facilitation


    Most of us know just how important DEI is within the workplace – how it can drive innovation, engagement and growth. And yet, it can be difficult to know how to take DEI initiatives beyond cosmetic changes to deep, systemic and cultural change that lasts beyond the individuals in leadership positions at any given point in time.

    As a practising lawyer, I would love to see some of the public commitments to DEI made by the legal profession translate into systemic change.

    Let’s work together to take a temperature check and build a robust strategy for your law firm or legal team, which places intersectionality at its very core.

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  • Speaking Engagements


    As a keynote speaker, facilitator and regular podcast guest, the topics I speak about are as diverse as the portfolio career that I have built for myself.

    Some of the topics I regularly discuss include:

    • My journey to getting UNSTUCK and finding my inner compass.
    • Gender equality, the motherhood penalty and intersectionality.
    • Pregnancy loss and mental health.
    • Why vulnerability and holding space for others is a superpower.
    • The power of personal branding and social media.
    • Storytelling and effective communication.
    • Colourism and representation.
    • Effective leadership and having difficult conversations.
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