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As a child of immigrant parents to Australia, I knew how much value my family and community placed on hard work, education and financial success. Not knowing what to do when I left school, I found myself choosing a double degree in Law and Commerce. Luckily, I really enjoyed Law School, particularly those subjects that touched on international or human rights law. But, instead of following that passion, I followed the well-trodden path into corporate law, practising both in major law firms in London and Australia and later in-house at a multinational.

Somewhere along the line, I started to feel that something was missing, but I couldn’t identify what that “something” was. So, I resigned myself to the idea that I would spend my professional life being a lawyer and eventually retire from a role as General Counsel with a successful career behind me.

That all changed with the pandemic as I started to share my stores on LinkedIn and talk about the issues I am most passionate about. As I tapped into my personal interests and areas of passion, and as I engaged in conversation with others, I started to discover FULFILMENT and that “something” that had been missing started to disappear. I knew I needed to make this feeling a part of my daily life.

Finally, after many conversations with my inner voice to overcome (AND, importantly, address) fears, doubts and imposter syndrome, I left corporate employment as a lawyer to start my own passion-fueled business, Coaching by Niti.

  • I Love

    Empowering Women to Shine Bright

  • I Believe

    In Equity, Fairness and Compassion

  • I'm passionate

    About Doing the Work to Create the World I Want to Live in.


Curiosity. Compassion. Grit. Courage. Inclusion.

Regardless of what brought you here, these are the qualities and values that you can expect me to bring to our relationship, whether through asking you probing questions or getting you to self-reflect at a deeper level, or through the hard work, commitment and courage required to do the difficult work that needs to be done to bring DEI initiatives to life. My approach is a deeply somatic and compassionate one, founded in the belief that humanity requires holding space for the views of others without judgment.

My mission is to create a more equitable tomorrow. I do this by intentionally blending my various interests, skills and passions into what I offer:
– Coaching women to be their most empowered selves.
– Working with organisations to create systemic change at a workplace level.
– Advocating for broader societal change, including through the law.

In addition to being a Coach, DEI Consultant and Founder at Coaching by Niti, I am also the Founder and Freelance General Counsel at Legal by Niti, an Executive Coach and Facilitator at Grace Papers, a Coach with Coaching Advocates, a certified Master NLP Practitioner, Life Coach and Enneagram Coach, the legal adviser, consultant and coach/mentor with, The Creative Co-operative, a Nobody at Nobody Studios, the DEI Ambassador and a Founding Member with Human Leaders, an IDEA Practitioner on the NASA Astrophysics Database, an award-winning Mentor at Future Women, and a LinkedIn Top Voice (Gender Equity).

My personal experiences with pregnancy loss and resulting mental health challenges have also ignited a desire to bring these unspoken conversations out into the open and to support others who are experiencing the same – I do this through my work with The Pink Elephants Support Network as a Peer Support Companion and member of their Workplace Advisory Group. I am also a Community Partner for White Ribbon (Australia).

In April 2023, the Amazon bestselling book I co-authored, “Women Leading the Way”, was released.

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