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“Fulfilment is self-perpetuating because it fuels your body, mind and soul to BE more, GIVE more and DEMAND more in, and from, life.”

I’ve thought of myself as a leader for quite a long time, but it wasn’t until I shifted my mindset towards my career and the possibility of being fulfilled in it, that I truly started to understand what “leadership” really means. I now believe that leadership starts with a deep understanding and awareness of self – one’s strengths, one’s skills, one’s passions, one’s values and importantly, one’s WHY. By uncovering the many layers that make me who I am, I can finally see myself stepping into my true potential and power. By sharing my story in this book, I hope to inspire other women to take steps to overcome their fears and limiting beliefs and lean into this exciting journey of self-discovery. You don’t have to settle. You don’t have to be unhappy in your work. You can get UNSTUCK.

Featured in Marie Claire Australia, Women Leading the Way is a collection of stories and advice from inspirational women who have overcome various challenges (both internal and external to them) to step into their own power. It provides you with the inspiration, motivation and practical advice to show up as a leader and take your place in the world.

So often, ambitious women are held back from greater success because of limiting beliefs, fear and self-doubt. Our dream is to shine the light on the path for these women. To inspire more women to overcome their doubts and truly step into their power as leaders by providing real-life role models and the inspiration and motivation to find their inner strength and take their place in the world as heart-centred leaders.” – Peace Mitchell and Katy Garner

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